Rehabilitation and Healthcare

Franke’s comprehensive rehabilitation program provides specialized care and treatment for older adults with a broad range of short and long-term recovery needs. We promote well-being among our health care residents by providing dedicated dining services, a vibrant Life Enrichment department and a committed, caring health care staff. Our interdisciplinary team integrates nursing, nutritional care, physical, occupational and speech therapy along with social services and recreation to achieve goals for independence and recovery.

Keil Health Care Center

The Health Care residential campus offers a broad range of residency options for older adults requiring daily medical and non-medical care on an on-going basis. The Keil Health Care Center is comprised of 44 private and semi-private suites that offer Medicare certified skilled nursing services.

Health care center fees are based on a daily rate depending on the room style selected.

Health Care Floorplans

Comprehensive Rehabilitation Programs

The Franke’s Rehabilitation Programs provide specialized care and treatment for older adults with a broad range of short and long-term recovery needs.

Comprehensive programs extend care to those recovering from orthopedic injuries, stroke, post surgical procedures, and cardiovascular, respiratory, and neurological conditions. Skilled interventions are designed for persons in need of wound care, pain management, intravenous therapy, edema reduction, and treatment for chronic or debilitating diseases. Working with individuals and their caregivers, the interdisciplinary team integrates nursing and nutritional care, social services, and rehabilitation therapies to achieve goals for independence and recovery. Whatever care is needed; our rehabilitation services are delivered by skilled and compassionate health professionals to support the mind, body, and soul.


In addition to services available to assisted living residents, Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center daily rates include 24-hour nursing care and supervision by licensed and certified nursing staff, social worker and registered dietician, and in-house access to select medical and health services. Rehabilitation therapists are available to treat Franke residents in their residences across campus.

Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center fees are based on a daily rate depending on room style selected.

Physical Therapy

Licensed Physical Therapists and Physical Therapy Assistants provide services to persons who have medical or other health conditions that limit their ability to move and perform functional activities in their daily lives. Treatment techniques promote mobility, reduce pain, restore function, reduce restraints and prevent disability.

Physical therapy includes teaching exercises for balance, strength and coordination; training for activities such as walking, using crutches, canes or walkers; transfer- ring; and bed and wheelchair mobility. Therapists use advanced techniques of ultrasound and electrical stimulation to increase range of motion, heal wounds, manage pain and stimulate muscular re-training.

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Speech Language Therapy

Licensed Speech Language Pathologists assess and treat a variety of speech, hearing and language disorders after illness or injury and teach skills to overcome related communication deficits.

Therapists evaluate and treat persons with swallowing disorders by providing strengthening exercises, and techniques to improve chewing and swallowing abilities and prevent life-threatening lung infections.

Speech Therapists utilize techniques to improve orienta- tion, reasoning, judgment, expression, memory and problem-solving skills to ensure that the individual maintains the maximum level of independence.

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Occupational Therapy

Licensed Occupational Therapists and Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants work together to encourage self care and provide customized techniques to aid in dressing, showering or bathing, personal hygiene, using the toilet, eating and energy conservation.

The therapy team assists with activities related to a return to independent living such as preparing meals, managing money, traveling via car or public transportation, shopping for groceries or personal items, performing housework, using a telephone and managing medications.

Occupational therapists also create splints to help prevent contractures, provide proper positioning and reduce pain and edema. Additional interventions may include recommendations for adaptive equipment, seating, and positioning techniques to improve comfort, functional ability and safety.

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Continuum of Care

Persons in need of short or long-term inpatient rehabilitation may be admitted to the Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center. On an outpatient basis, Rice and Heritage residents may receive therapy services on campus wherever they live. Short-term stay guests may also take full advantage of therapy services.

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Rehabilitation Specialists play an integral role in our innovative BeWell(sm) program by providing fitness classes, health screenings, educational lectures, encouragement and support for healthy aging. The ultimate goal of BeWell is to help persons prevent conditions associated with the loss of independence, maintain optimal physical and cognitive functioning and remain engaged in an active, healthy lifestyle.

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Screening Intervention

With a physician’s order, therapists provide individual screenings to evaluate any changes in the person’s ability to be self reliant. Upon determining their potential to benefit from rehabilitation therapies, physician recommendation is made to initiate therapy and treatment programs.

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Restorative Therapy

Following discharge from therapy, our Rehabilitation Team designs personalized restorative therapy programs to support the highest level of independence.

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Fall Prevention

For persons at risk, customized interventions include education, exercise to increase strength and balance, home assessment and modification, and medication review and recommendations to reduce falls and minimize related injuries.

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