Wellness Center

The Franke at Seaside Wellness Center is located in the center of campus in the Burges Center building, the active lifestyle community center. The Wellness Center facility includes a Fitness Center, Aquatic Center, Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy Room, Wellness Offices, and Men and Women’s dressing rooms. The fitness center has cardiorespiratory and resistance exercise machines. The Aquatic Center includes a heated swimming pool and spa.


The Franke at Seaside Wellness Center mission embraces the “Be Well” concept, Bringing Elders Wellness Enrichment for Lasting Life. This philosophy is to enhance the successful aging of older adults by offering programs designed to prevent illness and conditions associated with the loss of independence; maintain optimal physical and mental functioning; and remain engaged in life through opportunities for meaningful contributions. The Wellness Center implements activities and programs designed to increase health and fitness while maximizing enjoyment and minimizing the risk of injury; and building positive behavior modification to successfully meet the needs of individual residents.

Program Design

The Wellness Center programs are designed to give residents a comprehensive list of both land and aquatic exercise programs to target the six dimensions of wellness (physical, emotional, occupational, spiritual, intellectual, and social).

The Wellness Center offers a selection of land and aquatic classes. These classes incorporate cardiovascular exercise, stretching and relaxation, whole body strength, mind and body connection, balance and coordination, and overall wellness.

Individuals with more complex medical histories may choose to participate in the “Supervised Exercise Sessions,” (SES). These sessions are individually scheduled and spread throughout three mornings and two afternoons where residents’ heart rate, blood pressure, rate of perceived exertion, and oxygen saturation are monitored.

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