Aquatic Center

Whether you consider yourself a fish in water or want to feel more comfortable, our Aquatic Center staff are here to help you meet your goals—including using the pool as a tool to strengthen and encourage better mobility.

Our Aquatic Center boasts a beautiful indoor, heated salt water swimming pool and whirlpool to give residents an oasis of exercise and relaxation. Enjoy a fun class with friends, host a game of water volleyball with others, or take in the tranquility in our Aquatic Center.

At Franke at Seaside, expect your retirement to go swimmingly.


Aqua Basics

This class adheres to guidelines set forth by the National Arthritis Foundation. The focus is on joint mobility and range of motion and is designed for the novice person just getting in the pool or transitioning from physical therapy.

Water Works

This class focuses on joint mobility, strengthening, and stretching.

Aqua Drills

A high-intensity class focusing on advanced aquatic drills to strengthen and increase cardiovascular function.

Hydro Fit

Our traditional water aerobics class is taught to music and focuses on strengthening and cardiovascular fitness.