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Rehabilitation & Nursing

Your rehabilitation should be as individualized as your needs. Specialized care and treatment are available for older adults with a wide array of short- and long-term options.

With highly-trained, certified health professionals guiding your rehabilitation, our Keil Health Care Center staff uses an inter-disciplinary approach to healthcare. By collaborating and communicating with you and your personal health professional, together we unite nursing, nutritional care, physical, occupational, and speech therapy with social services and recreational opportunities to achieve goals set for independence and recovery.

Offering treatments for a variety of conditions, our rehabilitation tailors its programs to each individual's needs. From short-term inpatient care to outpatient treatment plans, our health care staff crafts a unique plan for every person based on their goals, wants, and needs. For those in need of a temporary place to recover and gain strength and confidence, Franke at Seaside also offers a bridge between inpatient rehabilitation or a hospital stay and home. Our Homeward Bound program allows residents to get a feel of what living at home will be like post-surgery or illness while maintaining a level of support until they're ready to return home.

Using our community's six dimensions of wellness—physical, intellectual, social, emotional, occupational, and spiritual—every client can reap the rewards of an enriching experience while they work towards recovery.

Allow us to be a part of your road to wellness at Franke at Seaside.

Admission Process


After a hospitalization, you or your loved one's doctor may refer you to Franke at Seaside for rehabilitation or long-term care.


Our highly-talented interdisciplinary team will assess and evaluate to determine you or your loved one's unique set of needs and ensure the appropriate level of care is given.


Our team will then work directly with you or your loved on, your family doctor and the hospital to coordinate immediate needs upon arrival as well as an appropriate transfer or move date.


Once we have coordinated a time in which would be good to make the move, our team will meet with the resident and/or family for a brief orientation and to answer any questions throughout the admission paperwork process.


Once you or your loved one has been admitted to Franke at Seaside, it is time to lay back, relax, and focus on the road to rehabilitation ahead.

We are proud to be there for you during every step of the way from referral through to recovery.