Fitness Center

With a wide array of low-impact exercise equipment created for older adults, our Fitness Center is a welcoming environment for those who wish to add more activity into their routine.

Our full-time fitness staff and personal trainers are available to create fun and engaging wellness plans to maximize goals like losing weight or building muscle. Residents are also free to take advantage of the many aerobic and strengthening classes available in our Fitness Center. With such a variety every week, there is always something fun for everyone.

However you like to engage in wellness, find it all at Franke at Seaside.


Cardio Blast

High energy class focusing on cardio, strength, balance, and stretch exercises.

Forever Fit

Chair-based fitness class using seated and standing moves to improve joint mobility, range of motion, and strength.

Move & Groove

This class combines music and dance steps for a fun take on exercising.

Core Fusion

This floor-based class focuses on strengthening the core muscles of the body.

Tai Chi

Known as an ancient Chinese exercise, this class combines gentle, fluid movements to increase flexibility, stability, and balance.


This class combines Hatha, Kundalini, Astanga, and Raja Yoga to create a complete workout for all levels.

Stretch & Relax

Take a seat and experience gentle stretching, breathing exercises, and guided relaxation.

Supervised Exercise Sessions

Wellness Center staff will customize and monitor exercise programs as well as check blood pressure and heart rate.

Fall Proof

This 12-week program is offered intermittently during the year as a multidimensional approach to improve balance and decrease the risk for falls.